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Pictures of the future
Climate scenarios
As a delta country, the climate plays in the Netherlands an important role. For an accessible, livable and safe country, knowledge about the future climate is of great importance. With coastal defenses, dikes and infrastructural projects we adapt as well as possible. This requires large investments for which it is essential to look far ahead. Therefore, the climate scenarios of KNMI give insight into the future climate of the Netherlands.

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Brochure KNMI'14 climate scenarios

Together, the KNMI climate scenarios cover the vertices of likely changes in the climate of the Netherlands. The KNMI'14 climate scenarios show a picture of higher temperatures, accelerating sea level rise, wetter winters, more intense showers and chances on drier summers.

The KNMI’14 scenarios serve as an update, based on the latest scientific findings, to the previous generation of future climate scenarios issued in 2006. The scenarios also include new and more detailed information. For example, they give snapshots of future weather and provide information about fog, radiation, evaporation and hail.

Rectification WL scenario around 2085 (since July 2015)